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area: 220 m2

location: Art Residence, Moscow, Russia

customer: VELTA Group of Companies, recruitment service 

concept: the task was to create a comfortable office interior while the client welcomed any ideas and gave us complete freedom of concept selection, but within the limits of certain budget. The premises was shell and core, had an open plan and high ceilings of 4.5m. These features inspired the design concept. The finishing of the open areas is done along the horizontal window impost - to a height of 2.5 meters; the entire space above is left almost untouched: we left the concrete ceiling with floor beams, the walls without finishing and the utility systems in their natural state. Thus we have managed to harmonize the space as well as significantly reduce the customer's expenses.



area: 1500 m2

location: Art Residence, Moscow, Russia

customer: is a job search and recruitment service, a leader on mobile platforms among online recruitment market. 

concept: We have created a flexible system of workplaces for the team, including not only open space or hot desks, but also a library, windowsills with soft mattresses, 'phone booths', amphitheatre, chill zone and more.

Office color pattern is composed of light gray tones for the walls, ceiling and floor, combined with an accent corporate blue for load-bearing metal structures and acoustic panels.

Natural oak texture in office furniture and navigation, marble pebbles along the window area and a large number of plants meet the company's request for an eco-friendly design.



area: 100 m2

location: Moscow-City, Moscow, Russia

concept: the office is divided into several functional areas - meeting room, working, informal and 1-2-1 areas.

area: 20 m2
location: Moscow, Russia
customer: young couple
concept: the challenge of the project was to make cosmetic repairs without major changes and to integrate new pieces of interior design in such a way that they would blend in with the existing materials and furniture.
We designed a high functional podium, which gives the opportunity to enjoy the views of Moscow without getting out of bed, and includes additional storage space for the hostess's closet and accessories.
To create a Balinese atmosphere we added a light transparent veil separating the sleeping area from the rest of the room, plants in sea grass cushions, a chandelier of wooden beads, straw Roman blinds and a cape on the headboard.
The textile decoration of the bed includes a tufted bedspread and textured headboard with a straw cape, sachets and pillows with embroidered ornaments, knitted cushions made of natural cotton.
For lighting in the bedroom area we chose laconic functional sconces made of brass.
The walls are covered with plaster with a soft touch effect.


area: 1874 m2

location: Sukhum, Abkhazia/Georgia

concept: Aquatoria apartment complex is located on the seashore of Sukhum.
We have chosen light pastel colors with black accents and natural materials as interior solutions for the living space.


area: 1874 m2

location: Sukhum, Abkhazia/Georgia

concept: Aquatoria apartment complex is located on the seashore of Sukhum.
As interior solutions for the entrance groups, we have chosen a restrained and laconic style, which carries the coolness of the shade under the hot sun of the Black Sea resort.

area: 33 m2
location: Moscow, Russia
concept: SberKidsCity is a city of professions that facilitates social adaptation of children to adult life and their intellectual, creative and emotional development.
The city features over 50 locations where kids can learn as much as possible about the professions represented and try them out for themselves. project is aimed at introducing children to the concept of SoftSkills and helping them to understand what they would like to become in the future.


CAFE AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL HALL OF VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) PAVILION

area: 1316.1 m2

location: Moscow, Russia

concept: the cafe area is designed to visually combine the functions of the key areas of the pavilion - the museum and the greenhouse.
In the center of the space is its dominant: a mirror cube that serves both as an installation (as a museum piece), and as a functional unit (a bar counter).
Its mirrored planes simultaneously dissolve the volume of the cube in the room, making it invisible, and do not distract the visitor's attention from the architecture of the building, but multiply it.
The combination of historical architecture with modern content gives a reference to the key metaphor of the overall concept of the pavilion - this is a place where the past is transformed into the future through the present


area: 118 m2

location: Moscow, Russia

client: single male, 27 years old, ice hockey player

concept: brutality

area: 1700m2
location: Lipetsk region, Dankovsky district, village Polybino
customer: Administration of the Lipetsk region and The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
task: adaptation of the Polybino estate for modern use
concept: in our project we tried to recreate the feeling and atmosphere of an old manor with minimal means and visual techniques. We decided to endow the estate with several functions and create an art residence for young artists. We are also confident that the estate and the nearby attractions of the Lipetsk and Tula regions will attract tourists, for whom hotel rooms, food and entertainment areas are provided. Since the building is a cultural heritage site, we adhered to its planning solution without any changes.

площадь: 740 м2
локация: Москва, БЦ Большевик
заказчик: компания Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. — международная фармацевтическая компания, в основе деятельности которой научные исследования и разработка инновационных лекарственных препаратов
задача: разработка дизайн-проекта для нового офиса при формировании уникальной архитектурной среды: фабрика Большевик, созданная в 1855 году и Музей русского импрессионизма – бывший склад муки и сахара – обрели свое новое предназначение в 2012 после реставрации по проекту британского архитектурного бюро JohnMcAslan+ Partners. Строение 19, в котором предполагается размещение офиса, построено в 70-х годах и служило производственным цехом. Отдельной задачей была разработка навигации и инфографики.

area: 700 m2
location: Moscow, BC Novinsky Passage
client: Mobil Oil, Russian representative office of Exxon Mobil
task: design project for the renovation and decoration of the office

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